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I failed my subject for 2 times
Just popping in
2008/3/21 13:21
Posts: 1
Hi, i m a 24 yrs old undergraduate student. I studying my degree course in INTI college at January 2008 and suppose to be finished by November 2009. In my last semester i had failed one subject that cause me to delayed my graduation. I have to wait till tis subject offered again in the next year which is tis year September 2010.
Tis yr i repeat tis subj and i hv been struggle so hard for tis 1 and only subj and even in my final exam i m so confident that i can pass tis subj. I just check my result online and i m so shocked when i saw i failed it again. I felt so upset and i try to request for remark, do u think this is a good choice because it is only 2 more marks for me to pass.
I nvr failed any subjects in my course before until tis subject appear in my last semester and i m super sad now even my classmate they can pass the subject so easily :'(

I duno wat should i do next, if i just let tis go thats mean i knot obtain my degree and if i want to cont i hv to wait for the next yr when it offered again. :(

Posted on: 2010/12/23 19:50
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Re: I failed my subject for 2 times
Just can't stay away
2008/1/18 2:36
From Kuching
Posts: 2294
Don't give up ! Keep on trying until you get it.

Go appeal for pass, nothing to lose there. If it fails, then try again.

Posted on: 2010/12/23 20:07
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Re: I failed my subject for 2 times
Just can't stay away
2008/11/14 19:37
From New Zealand/Malaysia
Posts: 99
I hope your course coordinator will give u another chance to complete. Try to get some people to help u this time, tell them ur situation i'm sure some ex-INTI or INTI would give u a hand to pass the course u require to graduate, at least i wish u all the luck! cheers

Posted on: 2010/12/24 6:37
what else to say, reserve it; what more to do, get on!

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Re: I failed my subject for 2 times
Home away from home
2005/12/30 12:58
From Kuchingite
Posts: 3875
option 1: Request for remark & keep your fingers crossed, find the lecturer and talk to him/her, let him/her know your situation, your future is in his/her hands. Make him/her understand the gravity of his/her decision if they decide not to let you pass because of the 2 marks.

option 2: Next year, is 148 hours, roughly about 6 days away. so you have few days only to make your decision

ps, I saw Inti college banner... "Counseling, available 7 days a week", you can talk to these counselor everyday, until they let you pass. if not, other potential students need to knows that the lecturer is very strict one...

or they just there to count the selling?

Posted on: 2010/12/24 19:44
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