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Re: Imagine... A World Without Us
Home away from home
2007/7/13 10:26
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Fuyu wrote:

Yup.. all that because humans once existed.

It may be none of our concern since hypothetically we wouldn't be around, but that's the whole idea. The idea that we exist, therefore we leave scars on the Earth, but even when we no longer exist, the scars still remain and the planet will continue to hurt until eons from now. That's the impact our existence have on this planet.

And.. if our species don't die off, imagine the future that our offspring and their offspring will live in... all because we are leaving "traces" as we go about our lives now. Pretty bleak stuff if you think about it.

It can be bleak or bright depending on how you look at it. There was theories on how the dinosaurs got wipe-out, one of them was a big meteor hit the earth and create a big disaster.

Imagine that, a big meteorite with the magnitute much bigger than all the nukes on earth put together. It wiped out many life forms on the planet, yet some manage to survive and the planet heal itself.

I do not think humans, at the current pace, created that much of an impact to the planet that it can not recover from. I mean if the whole human race is to be wipe out today because of some nuclear disaster or what ever, the planet will suffer for a while but eventually it will heal itself.

But at the current pace, we have been building up to much troubles for our (Humans) own good. I mean with the sea level rising, the ice melting and the woods disappearing, it is bad for us. But not necessary bad for the planet, it will adapt.

Posted on: 2008/3/11 9:35
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