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Re: Pasar Malam for Kuching
Home away from home
2005/12/30 12:58
From Kuchingite
Posts: 3875

abubu wrote:
...kuching will b like cleaner than singapore...

Singapore has pasar malam, especially during bulan puasa & rotate each HDB. they do keep clean, that's why i'm pro for the modern pasar malam in kuching. if it still follows back the kuno style "take the water from the sarawak river to wash the dishes one".. hmmm.. it will be really diu lo... implementation is very important. for rats, wise, don't worry there are lots of cats in Kuching I thought Melaka is a nice Nyoya town. walau, cant imagine the bad experience you'r having. but you're lucky in the sense that you have car to cruise around.

Posted on: 2006/11/18 13:01

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Re: Pasar Malam for Kuching
Home away from home
2006/8/10 22:42
From kuciang
Posts: 1717
i support the idea of having a pasar malam in Kuching. it should be named -
"KUCHING SUNSET RENDEZVOUS" ..!!,hows that?? becos theres time when even an original Kuciang kids would find it boring at home.just a few(at present) shopping centers to browse or lipak lipak.so a night market would add in as another itinerary for courting youngsters or couples or for shopping bric-a-bracs.
its important to get it organized professionally ,so it would last to becomes bothas a local and tourist "hot spot".
cite for the case of this Sunday Flea market located at this Padungan Travilion's carpark - not very encouraging though the idea or concept was good.many pple actually likes to get rid of their clutters at home but some of this used household items are still good and serviceable.and its kinda waste to throw them away.so if there a collectors of these used item, going around to buy and then selling them at the designated flea market-it generates some incomes,right?

Posted on: 2006/11/18 15:44
And when things get difficult , Draco's star shown more brightly for all of us who knew where to look.
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Re: Pasar Malam for Kuching
Home away from home
2006/1/9 0:13
From Australia
Posts: 2669

Resuree wrote:
if he not suggest this, maybe people will say he "bo cho kang". maybe we very oppsoe to the idea now. but once it is implemented,

You've got some points. LOL, better come up with something than nothing at all?

And no, Kuching will never be cleaner than Singapore, Kuching is in the first place, larger than Singapore, hence harder to maintain, and secondly, the mentality of our society versus the Singaporean? We still throw rubbish out of our car's windows, people still throw cigaratte butts out of their car (I know I did, last time when I was still smoking).

So no way it is gonna happen

Posted on: 2006/11/18 20:43
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Re: Pasar Malam for Kuching
Home away from home
2006/11/10 14:14
From melaka
Posts: 217
to some idea of pasar malam maybe is ur own preferences la...as for me...i hardly frequent pasar malam unless im like dead bored of other things....unless the pasar malam has horribly tasty food and stuff...then maybe i will b interested la...

trust me, u guys will appreciate kuchings cleanliness when u have experienced the 'other-side' of the towns like KL, JB and melaka...usually towns got 'two-sided' face wan....JB....f*cking dirty with roads full of potholes and infrastructures as messy as some pigsty....KL...only clean on the 'modern' side...the rest..forget about it, and somehow, i feel KL's infracture is not properly designed, very funny likethat.......melaka....HAH....what i can say....the first place to so called started the malaya civilization appears the be the most uncivilized of them all! car parks are improper....when heavy rains majority of places will get flooded! road system damn lousy n messy...not to mention full of roadside stalls and rats (a-but-then, the best foods here are found on the longkangside/roadside stalls)

so when i go singapore...i seriously feel more at home...

Posted on: 2006/11/18 22:05
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