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Re: You know ..............
Home away from home
2006/1/9 0:13
From Australia
Posts: 2669
Oh yes why not? There is always people, who are always better than you do

Talking about boss, well, technically speaking, they are always right, because as the boss, their dignity is, they want to have the last say. It doesn't matter if they are right or wrong, they just gotta have the last say, and everybody else have to agree with them.

That is how you differentiate between a boss and the employee. One has the final say and one has to agree all the time.

Posted on: 2007/3/9 6:26
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Re: You know ..............
Home away from home
2006/6/24 20:03
From Kuching
Posts: 182
You sure resign is the good choice? It is our income. Of course we can go new placed but can we ensure that we will not meet with these type of people again, or the bad kind of management you mentioned? At last count it is consider a lost because we will spend more efford to keep looking for jobs. It's like losing temper to ourself with his mistake. Don't you think?

BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT becoz of their thinking as they are the boss. But true that you are got the point that they make mistake too and we can take it on him. Of course rules and regulation apply depend on environment. AND at last everything goes to their word. That's the obey I mentioned ealier as that is our job responsibility. Still fine to me as he ask me to do what has been plan. I will still suggest what should and shouldn't and he still insist, I just do lor...

I agree with you. I used to have a boss that I respect in current company. Although I get scolded in a proper channel, but still I respect him. My review with him was so so and only once got and outstanding. But I know that is my problem so I have no blame to him. I respect.
As for current one, I think he had try to be nice just to get the relationship but not the work done well. Things he shouldn't have done, he made the plan and also at the other way round.

Last from long words I would like to say is that I think I'm still lucky becoz he is only my boss, not EMPLOYER. HAHA!!!
In my environment; if you are to do anything, the data is needed. He actually reminded me/ as follow up on some case and I replied to him that due date not meet yet, but forgot to really tell him the status. Guess what, he bang me that is it his wrong that he follow up? Then he dig out the data to proof that my case's timeline is up. Then claimed that if anything wrong with the data, I should have asked the person in charge to do correction. So funny after I read his mail. Why? Becoz the data he sent to me had problem; the data compiled is sent out after the due date in his mind and the date was at my off day. How do I get the person who compile the data to do correction like that??!!
One thing I noticed about this person: He always remember vengeance.

Posted on: 2007/3/10 9:29
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Re: You know ..............
Home away from home
2005/12/30 12:58
From Kuchingite
Posts: 3875

chinchze wrote:... One thing I noticed about this person: He always remember vengeance.
so means you did something to him, he got something against you, now he is out for blood? if you are thinking of continue to work for longer terms, you should be like "da Cang Jin" & make peace with him. remember, before he is your boss, he is human too. & every human have likes & dislikes too.
If you are thinking of change job. hmmm... then you could continue to "doing that thing you do"...

anyway, i am those more theory Y person. I also believe people should have enough tea break as they like & good lunch as they like also, even the bos sometimes also deserve to have pizza & KFC. As a theory Y person, first thing in the work environment is to have a good relationship.
Some people just like to be a theory X pencil pusher & pressure people to do the job for them if got good idea, then it's their idea, if got fackup, it's the doer's responsibility to correct. in the end everyone working under him will quit.

& the really smarts one are X & Y people. hmmmm.....

Posted on: 2007/3/11 1:45
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