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Re: Borneo Convention Center: News
Home away from home
2008/4/16 11:03
From Terra
Posts: 2237
[I found reference to it, but this was in yesterday's paper. Emphasis on planned' bridge to link to the area.]

Riverview Commercial Centre in the pipeline

KUCHING: Tenaga Seri Wangsa Sdn Bhd which develops the Riverview Commercial Centre at Modern Bintawa Fishing Village will be holding an open day for potential bu-yers at its office on Aug 23.

The office is located at P1-1-1(A), Chonglin Park, Lot 351, Section 55, Jalan Tabuan here.

The property consists of 27 units of three storey shophouses and 17 units of single-storey mini shops.

According to a press statement, this project is undertaken by Tenaga Seri Wangsa as the developer for Sarawak Economic Develop-ment Corporation (SEDC).

The project site is located next to the existing three blocks (23 units) of three-storey shophouses and within Taman Riverview housing estate and busy Commercial Centre Pending - commonly known as the Modern Bintawa Fishing Village.

Other approved developments earmarked for this area include additional three-storey shophouses, one block of cinema cum arcade shops and market place.

Another plot of 30-acre land around the project site commonly referred to as the ‘Bintawa Cape’ has been planned for a mixed-development project comprising three blocks of eight-storey condominium (180 units), four-storey walk-up apartments (64 units), four to seven-storey shophouses (15 units), detached houses (34 units), semi-detached houses (58 units), commercial buil-dings (including a proposed eight-storey regional office of corporate groups), marina facilities and other recreational proposals.

The ‘metamorphosis’ of the riverfront Bintawa area together with other riverfront developments along the Sarawak River is part of government’s efforts (through SEDC) to beautify the area thereby promoting local tourism.

One such attractive building is the new Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) sited across the riverfront from Kuching Waterfront. Such landmark building with its unique and beautiful structure is indeed an icon to the city.

Another exciting riverfront development (opposite Pending Commercial Centre with a bridge planned to connect to the area) is that of Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) which is set for its official opening in October this year. This international-class venue built on the idyllic riverfront of the Kuching Isthmus is just five kilometres from the city.

With the above impending developments, and backed-up by existing support services like the Maxis building, government offices, fisheries department, schools, housing estate and with the abundance of fresh fish supplies (from Fisheries Department and Bintawa Fishing Village), it is the intention of SEDC to develop the area into a modern seafood centre, hence the construction of the shophouses and mini-shops.

Aggressive marketing plan would also be devised by the developer to bring in famous seafood operators as the magnet for the proposed seafood centre.

Towards this end, this project - set to complete in two years - has been planned and designed with very special pricing factor to help businessmen and other entrepreneurs own properties in which to operate their businesses.


Posted on: 2009/8/23 9:07
Meliora Cogito | [insert text here]
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Re: Borneo Convention Center: News
Quite a regular
2007/12/9 22:12
Posts: 58
Just got another confirmation from a second source that the funds for building this new bridge and dual lane road was siphoned from the funds to build the fly over at Jln Tun Jugah. So no more fly over until new funds are procured. There is some work still being done on the road by Global Upline in the form of making the "temporary" road curbs permanent. These curbs were put in place and painted to beautify the road during the ruler's conference and after the the conference they were supposed to be removed and the construction to go full ahead.

I also found out some other "kang tau" details about this new bridge project and the dual lane road that goes with it. The land at the Isthmus is owned by CMS. It was once state land given to CMS through the orders of LWH. Nothing is more profitable than giving state land to yourself in my opinion. Now this bridge and road will go straight through this CMS owned land. Since the road and bridge is classified as a government public works project (built by JKR) and a certain amount of CMS land had to be "acquired" for the project, CMS will be given compensation by the government in the form of a staggering bill of RM1 million per acre. I don't even know how many acres were acquired.

Now for the nitty gritty of what the road construction actually implies. You don't just build a road and that's it. You have to build all the drains, the culverts and streets lights etc... basically all the infrastructure that goes with a road which itself can add substantial costs to any project. Now this road that leads from the bridge to the convention center just happens to follow the exact path of one of the roads of CMS's grand project at the Isthmus. So in essence CMS (a private company) gets a major road built for them using government funds. Plus the CMS owned land on either side now have full infrastructure and road frontage built for them increasing their value much more.

Now that's not all. Are you ready for a threesome? JKR does not actually build the bridge and road. Instead they were instructed by LWH to subcontract the project out in a no bid tender to Shin Yang Construction; a politically connected company with a long history of getting large government projects from CMS or PPES who were given the projects and the funds but then passed the construction down to these "real" construction companies after they take their cut of course.

So who wins and who looses? Lets count.

LWH and CMS - win, win and win
Shin Yang Construction - win too

TPK - Loose: The fly over project was to keep Global Upline busy for the next six months. Now they have no big projects coming their way. The big projects they already have are all nearly completed. If none come their way in the next six months expect them to be in some financially tough times. TPK might re-evaluate his support for LWH after this slap in the face.

Taxpayers, you and me - Loose of course. No more fly over. Taxpayer money being used to line the wallet of private entities...again.

Don't know about you but I'm getting sick and tired of people raiding state tax money like people's private piggy bank. Sick and tired of finding all the cockroaches under every project.

Posted on: 2009/8/29 19:01
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Re: Borneo Convention Center: News
Home away from home
2007/9/24 17:43
Posts: 310
i wonder why they need so many bridges for that small man-made island. perhaps we should shun their projects (isthmus & vista tunk). TPK wont loose out, he is building a mega hotel with convention centre in Miri. all the workers will be brought there. besides that, he is looking for lots of projects in sabah, kl plaza and even the casino in mindanao.

Posted on: 2009/8/29 19:20
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Re: Borneo Convention Center: News
Home away from home
2008/1/16 8:10
Posts: 265
BCCK is having Ramadan Buffet at RM55++ per pax. Food is really really good. Worth every sen !

Posted on: 2009/9/3 11:57
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Re: Borneo Convention Center: News
Home away from home
2007/7/10 0:08
From Singapore - Kuching
Posts: 2661
so kest got lotsa photos aye? hehe

Posted on: 2009/9/3 13:11
There's nothing in two if it's not properly attached.

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