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Parking Rental
Just can't stay away
2008/1/18 2:36
From Kuching
Posts: 2294
Please help us rectify problems: Mayor

Resource from Borneo Post

KUCHING: People who want to comment about Kuching City South Council (MBKS) policies have been asked not to criticise for the sake of criticising.

They should instead come forward to help MBKS rectify anything which they feel is not right in areas under its jurisdiction, said Mayor James Chan.

“If you see people placing chairs on parking spaces for example, please help us to remove these chairs and tell the shopkeepers that it is wrong to do so,” Chan told reporters after flagging-off a hash run at MBKS foyer yesterday.

Chan said illegally ‘reserving’ parking spaces by placing chairs and garbage bins was depriving the public of parking spaces.

People could also help the council by taking care of drains in their areas and not throwing rubbish indiscriminately, he said.

The flag-off was a symbolic opening of a blood donation charity drive organised by the Kuching City Hash Club in collaboration with MBKS.

Chan was responding to a report in thesundaypost yesterday which said shopowners had felt that rental fees for parking bays offered by MBKS were “simply too high”.

“As far as the rates are concerned, this is a proper costing. When you want to occupy a parking bay permanently, you have to pay for it. In fact, I feel it is too low and I may think of raising the rates,” he said.

Chan said the move to offer parking bays for rental to businesses was after considering the interest of the people (not just shopowners).

He also reiterated that the implementation of any policy was never to benefit certain industries or sectors but “everybody”.

“It (rent policy) is for the convenience of the shopowners who need the parking space to do their business,” he said.

The mayor said the council was ready to accept views and suggestions which were constructive because it was always looking for improvements.

He said if the people had any problems with the parking rental fees, they were advised to come and see the council which was open to discussions.

“If we can’t do it (parking system), then come and tell us how,” he said.

Chan said this policy was nothing new as it had been introduced even before he became mayor.

“We are just taking the initiative to solve this problem which has been there for so many years. This is one way we can help minimise illegal parking and occupation of parking bays,” he said.

Asked whether a stringent enforcement was a better solution to the parking problem, Chan said: You must remember that a council is looking after the whole area under its jurisdiction. Even you put 1,000, 3,000 or 10,000 officers to do surveillance around the area, you can’t do it because when the officers are out of sight, they put the things back in the parking spaces.

“You cannot play hide and seek with them. I can’t have my enforcement officers do surveillance only. It’s not only wasting the council staff’s time but ratepayers’ money as well. We need the officers to go to the ground and do other services as well.”

Chan said it was wrong to say that the coupon parking system was making people suffer.

“The coupon parking system is practised everywhere in Malaysia. It is not for MBKS to make money but actually to ensure that the parking system is orderly in the city.

“We are moving in tandem with the rapid development in the city and we don’t want traffic jams and congestion to occur here,” he said.

He added: “We also want to project a good image to people visiting Kuching. We do not want the visitors to ask: ‘Why place chairs in parking spaces?’”

Chan said the council was still looking into better ways of addressing the problem so welcomed constructive views and suggestions from the public.

“As I have said before, perhaps certain businesses can be relocated to certain parts of the city so that this problem can be resolved,” he said.

Chan also pointed out that there was a misconception among the public that when they bought a seasonal parking ticket, the space belonged to them.

“The seasonal parking ticket is only for you to park at specific parking bays at specific areas but other people can still park in that area,” he explained.

He also gave assurance that the whole parking bays along certain street will not be fully taken up.

“There are only a few takers because only certain businesses need the parking bays to do their business,” he said.

On Democratic Action Party’s Socialist Youth secretary Wong King Wei’s comment that there was something wrong with the council’s finance system, Chan replied: “Those who do not know about financial system should not make unnecessary comments in the public. This is not a constructive view.”

Chan had announced last Thursday that MBKS would consider applications to rent parking spaces from businesses under its jurisdiction.

He said the council would consider applications from any type of enterprise, car accessories shop, tyre repair shop and automobile showroom which need space for smooth running of their businesses.

The rates are RM240 for an 8ft-by-16ft space in front of the shop and RM150 for a space of the same size behind the shop.

Chan said MBKS was taking this step to eliminate the habit of “reserving” the space by placing plastic chairs or garbage bins as seen in many parts of the city.

Posted on: 2009/9/7 11:40
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Re: Parking Rental
Just can't stay away
2008/1/18 2:36
From Kuching
Posts: 2294
What do you guys think about this?

Renting parking to those shop owners, RM150 per month?

I think they should rectify the problem of silly motorcyclist who park at parking that is meant for cars. Its unfair that they don't need to place a coupon or get summon by the parking officers.

that would save alot of parking for sure.

Posted on: 2009/9/7 11:41
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