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Re: What say you? Poor girl got burned alive inside her car
Just can't stay away
2007/7/28 18:02
From MaYaO ciTy
Posts: 79

ian wrote:

**is it petrol kiosks' policy to use fire extinguisher only when the kiosk is on fire? it happened to me once when i was driving my then 'sot sot de tiara' in subang. while driving, i saw smoke came out from behind my steering wheel. i was at that time heading towards Sunway and there's a BP petrol kiosk on my left. i left the car and ran to the BP counter telling i need help with my car and there's smoke coming out from behind the steering wheel. i asked if he could use the fire extinguisher? i was so afraid the car was going to blow up or something like that. and the guy said no. you go call the fire department. i was like WTF?! my car internally was covered in smoke and he said go call yourself.

If it were to happen again, just park right next to the filling station and jump out and claim that you can't go back in to move it. See what they'll do then. By then I think those coming in to refill will also hurry away.

In all seriousness, this is a country where trust toward each other is at an all time low, and one where a certain automotive brand has a tendency to burst into flames at the slightest impact. This makes a deadly concoction if you ask me. In Miri, there was a case where a certain car went over a divider and burst into flames, burning the rear passenger. But OK, enough criticism on that certain subject.

This is a truly sad case indeed. An innocent woman getting burned alive in her car. However, why wasn't the focus more on the Vios driver, who they claim was racing/speeding before it hit her and caused her to collide with the truck? The driver caused it, and he's probably gonna pay.

OK, so it has happened - not much we can do to prevent it, but to rescue the girl from the burning wreckage, the automatic reaction of that guy was to get to the nearest station to borrow a fire extinguisher. Kudos to him for reacting, but sadly, as he found out it wasn't so simple. I thought petrol stations had fire extinguishers on the OUTSIDE. Why did they keep it inside? What if the INSIDE caught fire? Dumb!

Another matter is even if it was mandated we all have those little bottles of extinguishers in our cars, whether that fire extinguisher would be (1) enough to put out the fire, (2)and not make things worse by choking/suffocating the victim.

Personally, I think the no.1 issue here is the racing / speeding Vios driver. The focus should be there. No.2 will station extinguisher locations and accessibility, and No.3 is that we should all have a extinguisher in our cars.

I used to have one but it turns out when it comes time for me to dispose of it after about 2 years, I tried using it and it turned out it didn't work at all! What a waste it would've been if I were in the same situation and the extinguishers didn't give any effect because they were close to expiry!

hi ian, media reported more about the incident at the petrol kiosk than the Vios driver. thats why the petrol kiosk incident is more of a hot talk compared to the Vios driver. what a sad thing to hear about yr almost expired extinguisher.. hope the gov't will start to find solutions to this

Posted on: 2010/6/19 18:57
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