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Re: Air asia is slowly killing MAS
Home away from home
2007/6/22 14:54
From Kuching
Posts: 1276
azaz, please don't simply say and accuse AirAsia pilot took his own decision to land the plane during the storm in KIA and skidded off the runway. In order for a plane to land, they must first get the clearance from the Air Traffic Controller. Without the ATC's clearance, pilots cannot simply make their own decisions.

Posted on: 2011/11/18 23:02
M i K e
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Re: Air asia is slowly killing MAS
Home away from home
2005/9/30 13:58
From kuching
Posts: 364
In Borneo Post today ( saturday) ..
Mr T stressed that he is the one that give rural East Malaysian free seats bah to fly Air Asia .... Sarawak must build a LCCT for him to operate .. asking the state government to develop the hub ....
Mr CM lei said to Mr T , got one big land for Mr T ...
my question is who is going to risk the money to build the LCCT if there is a plan to do it ??
a) will Mr CM use state money to build knowing that he cannot earn much if compared to other pure ' business' activity ??
b) will Mr T risk his his hard-earn money to build a hub and foresee the tourism benefits gained from air flight to and fro Sarawak ?

while we are STILL answering the question and WAITING, i hope the domestic tourism and local company will still survive to give us more choice and options .. as usual 'waiting game' famous in Sarawak while $$ is disappearing somewhere ....

I hate how MR T implied that he is the one giving free seats .. Hello !! Knock KNock , Anybodys home !! Nothing for free !!
Even it is free , the company are running on CREDIT loan but your own pocket money is fulfilled first ... like all the CEOs in America ....
although i am impressed with MR T of hardworkingly connecting cheap international flight even though he bought and turned over a bankrupt airline through the support of Mr M

now, here comes the greatest puzzle for Sarawak ??
why must we, the richest resource state has to BEG for the flights ??
funny right ??
why ?? do we need a PENINSULAR Mr T to develop our on local tourism ?? should not that it should be MR T that has to BEG his company flights to come in or make our state the HUB for international flight to Perth, New Zealand (we leave Japan, Taiwan, China for KK Sabah because of logic distant ) ??

The ultimate TRUE or FALSE question
- East Malaysia contributes so much money to the Malaysia government in terms of natural resources that we need to BEG a peninsular guy to let his company to FLY into our state ??
- or is it the misManagement of local people that it deserve East Malaysia to BEG ?
- or ARE WE STUPID as usual ??

anyway, for us to misDIRECTion the real problem (which is to sympathy us) , we have new flight that is to the historical MALACCA ... wow !! no Malacca, no Malaysia .. the first state ....

Mr T- Mr Thamasurgam
Mr CM - Mr Cunning Monster
Mr M - Mr Michael

Posted on: 2011/11/27 11:37
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Re: Air asia is slowly killing MAS
Home away from home
2005/9/30 13:58
From kuching
Posts: 364
anyone read the Borneo Post today ??
federal is saying that they will consider LCCT if there is a need ...

consider ?? Sabah already has one LCCT and ours is still under consideration ... now they have UBF ( UNITED BORNEO FRONT) fighting for justice of their own state ....

as usual, the ball is pushed around ...
CM , TF , Federal ....push here and there ....

no LCCT, no cheap carrier, how to bring more foreign tourist lei ?? you think we are in CHINA , is it ?? so many beautiful places even no cheap carrier, people still fly there .... new challenging era needs new problem solving method ... if the infrastructure is not there , how to fight with the giants as a favourite destination such as SIngapore, Taiwan and CHina ??

Air Asia recently advertised that they help to collect the taxes but do not earn the profit ...

walau eh , I am Ah Long agent, collect money for Ah Long, but Ah Long is my friend, so never mind lah ... me friend friend good good with Ah Long ....

what the tut !!!

'kill 2 birds with one stone'
- help collect tax while (support G indirectly)
- said the tax no good for public (ambil hati the public)

you think we are stupid mei ??
we are under the culture of CM for long long donkey years
this is cheap old trick lah

CM - cucu manusia
TF - titi fifi

Posted on: 2011/12/5 22:35
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