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#1 Best Buffet Dinner in Kuching?
Jacq Posted on: 2010/8/9 0:02
hi all, do u guys have any idea which hotels offer the best buffet dinner?

for points? pullman? riverside? hilton? or where?

thanks =)

#2 Re: Best Buffet Dinner in Kuching?
chong67 Posted on: 2010/8/9 4:18
This is my favorite subject!

I been to the KLCC tower for the buffet. The one with the rotating table. For RM80, the food was bad! I dont even see lobster or crab legs! Do not go there.

Please dont go to Lok Tien also. They are way too expensive althought I heard their food is quite innovative.

For inexpensive food and you want to have chicken poisoning, then go to Hartz. I heard you have 1 hr to eat. When I was young, the most pieces of chicken I ever ate was 12 pieces.

I have not been to Rain Tree restaurant buffet yet. I'll go there one of these days. One of the regular guy here works there.

Other than that, I dont know of any good buffet in Kuching. If you do, please do tell!

#3 Re: Best Buffet Dinner in Kuching?
Jacq Posted on: 2010/8/9 9:28
hi, thanks for the reply... for hartz chicken is 2 hrs for u to eat.. ^^

#4 Re: Best Buffet Dinner in Kuching?
chong67 Posted on: 2010/8/9 10:49
I know Singapore got alot of buffet place to eat beside at hotel.

Hartz is 2 hrs? I see.

I too am looking for good place to eat buffet in Kuching.

#5 Re: Best Buffet Dinner in Kuching?
TeQuiLa Posted on: 2010/8/9 17:57
4Points buffet is pretty decent. Last time I went to Hilton one it wasn't very good. Raw Sashimi was not fresh enough.

Merdeka Palace one is also not bad. You get alot of Italian dishes.

Generally now during Ramadan is the best time to sample the hotel's buffets because they really 'up' their standards to offer fresher foods and more choices.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of the top hotels' buffets during Ramadan.

Any other time and it can be a hit-n-miss cause of inconsistency.

#6 Re: Best Buffet Dinner in Kuching?
Niwa-kun Posted on: 2010/8/9 19:20
guys... i agree with hartz.. but, it was 2 hours only.. But, how about at Rain tree restaurant?? At BCCK?? it was only on sunday at rm68++(adult) and rm48++(kids) unlimited hours, from 11am untill 4pm... but for this ramadhan, at BCCK, not restaurant is RM58++.......

#7 Re: Best Buffet Dinner in Kuching?
Jacq Posted on: 2010/8/9 21:42
thanks tequila for the info... i think i wil either go to 4 points or pullman... u try pullman b4? just now i go check bout their price.. during ramadan is RM79++

#8 Re: Best Buffet Dinner in Kuching?
quiroz Posted on: 2010/8/9 21:53
How about a buffet of Seafood? I've had steamboat buffet at Tupai-tupai, somewhere in KL, it cost i think rm35/head. Where can i get the similar thing in Kuching huh?

#9 Re: Best Buffet Dinner in Kuching?
burt_88 Posted on: 2010/8/9 22:17
Niwa-kun, can you tell your boss at rain tree to lower the price of the buffet to something like rm 45 to rm 58. coz that place is quite a distance from the city and suburbs. i think lower price can attract more people.

#10 Re: Best Buffet Dinner in Kuching?
chong67 Posted on: 2010/8/10 12:03
Do you all like to eat buffet or pefer to eat good food at reasonable price?

For me, I like to eat good healty food not cook in too much lard and lots of vegetable and rice cook in magarine(chicken rice imitation). My favorite veggie is medine(cook in balacan) and chankok manis with egg.

I dont like to eat steak, but I love roast pork baby piglets from Vietnam.

I like only chinese, malay, nonya and indian food. I do not like western food!

Then i want it with lemon ice tea with little bit of sugar.

Thats all I want.

Prefer to eat in air con also and no wild cats and dogs look for food under your table.

Whats your ideal meal?

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